SECTION 245 ACT 196 OF 2017.

State of Michigan
Public Act 196 of 2017
Section 245

Effective date: October 1, 2017
  • Full Text of Public Act 196 of 2014 Section 245
  • (2)(a) Annual Operating Budget
  • (2)(b)(i) Chart of Personnel Expenditures
  • (2)(b)(ii) Chart of Current Expenditures
  • (2)(c)(i) Wayne State University Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • (2)(c)(ii) Wayne State University Benefit Programs
  • (2)(C)(iii)Wayne State University Audits and Financial Reports
  • (2)(c)(iv) Campus Security Policies and Crime Statistics
  • (2)(d) Wayne State University Position List
  • (2)(e) General Fund Revenue and Expenditure Projections
    • 2016-17 Revenue (budgeted): $631,182,548.
    • 2016-17 Expenditures (budgeted): $631,182,548.
    • 2017-18 Revenue (estimated): $643,175,016.
    • 2017-18 Expenditures (estimated): $643,175,016.
    • (The FY 2018 budget projections are based on the projected increase in Detroit CPI – 1.9%. The FY 2018 budget will be finalized by the WSU Board of Governors in June 2017.)
  • (2)(f) Listing of Debt Service Obligations
  • (2)(g) Policy on Transferability of Community College Core College Courses
    • Wayne State University was previously a signatory institution to the MACRAO (Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) Agreement. As a result, Wayne State University formally acknowledges that community college transfers who have select associate's degrees or MACRAO/MTA-stamped transcripts from a community college will have met University General Education Requirements, thereby expediting these students' path to graduation. The conditions governing these agreements stipulate that Michigan community college students covered by the MACRAO or MTA agreements will still need to satisfy mathematics competency, written and oral communication classes, and any requirements specific to a particular school/college or department within the student's major field of study. Information about the transferability of community college work can be found online at:

  • (2)(h) WSU has signed reverse transfer agreements with Henry Ford Community College, Macomb Community College, Oakland Community College, Schoolcraft Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and Wayne County Community College. Others are in discussion.

  • (3) University Performance Metrics
    • (3)(a) Enrollment
    • (3)(b) Student Retention Rates
    • (3)(c) Six-year Graduation Rates
    • (3)(d) Number of Pell Grant Recipients and Graduating Pell Grant Recipients
    • (3)(e) Geographic Origin of Students
    • (3)(f) Faculty to Undergraduate Student Ratios: Total University Employee to Total Student Ratios
    • (3)(g) Teaching Load by Faculty Classification
    • (3)(h) Graduation Outcome Rates, Including Employment and Continuing Education
  • Opportunities for Earning College Credit
    • (6)(a)(i) State Approved Career and Technical Education or a Tech Prep Articulated Program of Study
    • (6)(a)(ii) Direct College Credit or Concurrent Enrollment
    • (6)(a)(iii) Dual Enrollment
    • (6)(a)(iv) An Early College/Middle College Program
  • (6)(b)(i)Number of High School Students Participating in Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(ii)Number of School Districts Participating in Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(iii)Teacher Information for Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(iv)University Operating Cost of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(v)Cost Per Credit Hour of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(vi)Location of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(vii)Instructional Resources Offered to Instructors of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(viii)Resources Offered to Students of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.
  • (6)(b)(ix)Transportation Services Provided to Students of Programs Listed in (6)(a) - See (6)(a) for data.